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President Randy -2M FS portofoon

President Randy -2M FS portofoon

Transceiver CB Portable/MOBILE, 4 Watt AM/FM, Multi (6) European Standards.
Antenna Connection Portable: TNC-Female.
Antenna Connection Mobile: UHF-Female.
The Mobile Adaptor comes with a Cigarette Lighter Plug for 12VDC Power and a UHF-Female for connecting the Coax Cable of the CB Antenna.
Audio Accessory Jack 2-Pin, 2.5mm/3.5mm, STANDARD WIRING.

- 40 Channels AM/FM
- Up/down Channel Selector
- Volume adjustment and On/Off
- Manual Squelch
- Multi-Functions LCD Display
- Frequencies Display
- S-Meter
- ANL Filter
- Scan
- F Function Key
- Beep Function
- Roger Beep
- Mode Switch AM/FM
- Dual Watch
- Key Locking
- Preset 19
- External Microphone Plug
- External Loudspeaker Jack
- Back Light Color: Green

1 Pc of Randy-2
1 Pc of User Manual, English
1 Pc of Adapter with CB Antenna Connector and Cigarette Lighter Plug

€ 211.00

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President Randy -2M FS portofoon

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Inhoud pakket:

  • Battery Lithium-Ion (2100 mAh - 7.4v)
  • Rubber antenna (30cm)
  • Wall charger (110v - 220v)