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K-PO SX-600

K-PO SX-600

The K-PO SX-600 Dual-Band Power Meter

The K-PO SX-600 measures forward and reflected power and VSWR.
Compact size makes meter useful for testing both base and mobile installations.
Two directional couplers with switch and LED indicators for in-line connection of two transceivers.

Special Features:

Illuminated meter
Switchable r.m.s. or peak power
Measures forward, reflected & VSWR power
155 x 103 x 64 mm

Frequency: 1.8-160/140-525 MHz
Power Ranges: 5/20/200 Watt
Connector: SO-239
Min. Power SWR Test:: 4W
Gewicht 630g.
13.8V DC Lamp.

€ 88.00
Euro 88.00

Levertijd 2-5 werkdagen

K-PO SX-600