CB‐GO is the all‐in‐one kit that includes all you need for an easy and
practical self‐installation of your CB system!
The truck‐shaped blister includes: M‐MINI, the multi‐media mini CB
transceiver, a power supply cable with cigarette lighter plug and the small
but performing Midland LC29 antenna supplied with its magnetic mount.
CB‐GO is the full kit to discover and start communicating with the CB community: it’s the ideal solution for those who daily want to exchange with many people any kind of information in real time, about traffic,accidents, points of interests or for those who just want to have a chat and be in company while driving. M‐MINI is a Midland CB radio already available on the market which achieved a great success thanks to its performances and its ease of use.
M‐MINI is a small‐size equipment ‐ only 110x120x25mm – and for this, it
does not require a proper installation like the standard CB radios, but it can
also be placed in little spaces within your vehicle.
M‐MINI is a multi‐standard radio that operates on the main European frequency bands. With this radio it is also possible to communicate wireless: just connect the optional Midland Bluetooth adaptor WA‐CB into the 2pin socket on the front
panel of the radio, then choose amongst the optional Bluetooth earphones/mike of the Midland WA series. The metal chassis makes of M‐MINI an extremely robust and sturdy equipment.

The blister includes
M‐MINI transceiver
Power supply cable with cigarette lighter plug
LC29 antenna
Magnetic mount

M‐MINI technical specifications

40CH AM/FM CB radio
Frequency bands: I, I2, D4, EU, EC, PL, UK, IN;
Output power: 4W AM/FM
UP/DOWN controls on the microphone
Manual or automatic Squelch
EMG button for the immediate selection of the emergency channels 9 or 19
2 PIN Midland socket for external mic/spk
External speaker plug
Weight: 450gr
Dimensions: 110x25x120mm

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

€ 99.95