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Delta Electronics DFC100

Delta Electronics DFC100

Wireless 6-Digit Frequency Counter

Delta Electronics DFC100
Wireless 6-Digit Frequency Counter. Frequency Range 0.5 - 50 MHz.


• Frequency Range: 0.5 MHz - 50MHz
• Resolution: 100 Hz
• Stability: +0.01 PPM at 25°C
• Display: Digits Super Bright Blue LED
External Input:
• Sensitivity: 0.1 - 1V Max
• RF Signal: Direct Reading
• Power Supply: DC 13.8V + 5% Negative Ground

Internal Input:

• RT/X Frequency: 10.6 MHz Built in Adder
• SSB Frequency: Auto Conencting and load 1 KHz Tone to Mic.
Power Supply Notes:
• There was noise in the receiver of the transceiver when using a switchting power supply during testing.
Not sure or the use of SPS will always result in noise in te receiver. Maye this was a 'one type event'.
• Using an anlogue KIM KE600 universal adapter did not result in noise in the receiver.


1 Pc of Frequency Counter
1 Pc of Adapter
1 Pc of Antenna
1 Pc of User Manual in English

KE600 = AC-DC Wall Adapter
Packing Length (cm): 25
Packing Width (cm): 18
Packing Heigth (cm):  7

Packing Weight in grams: 770

€ 119.00
Euro 119.00

 Delta Electronics DFC100